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Dr. Sam Pollina

Dr. Pollina is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine. He recently completed a prestigious residency in Dental Sleep Medicine at the UCLA School of Dentistry. This program is designed for dentists who commit to the management of sleep disordered breathing through the use of oral appliances, particularly focusing on Sleep Apnea Treatment in Pittsburgh, PA.

Dr. Pollina is a current member of the medical staff at UPMC Shadyside and UPMC EAST with private practices at the Shadyside campus as well as Johnstown. He has practiced dentistry for 30 years with well over 700,000 patient visits. For 10 years Dr. Pollina made house calls and nursing home visits to the elderly, and provided care to the underprivileged population. Additionally, he was a member of the medical staff at Harmarville Rehabilitation Center where he consulted with head trauma patients from 1989-1998. Dr. Pollina opened the Dental Implant Center in Johnstown in 1996, and has worked extensively with dental implant restoration and complete oral rehabilitation.

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